MP3 Encoding at 256kb/s


MP3HQ256k.gif (4386 bytes)
256kb/s HQ MP3 Frequency Response

MP3HQ256kS.gif (42595 bytes)
256kb/s HQ MP3 Spectral View

With the 256kb/s encoded MP3 file the frequency response is almost identical to the original up to 18kHz after which it falls of gently to about 21kHz.

The spectral view shows plenty of high frequency content right up to 20kHz. Some frequency pruning above 16kHz is obvious but the trumpet dynamics are well represented.

On listening tests I could not hear any difference between the 256kb/s MP3 and the original material. Maybe when I had younger ears I would have been able to detect subtle differences but not now with my middle aged ears. The sound quality is definitely Hi-Fi and the quality of your sound card and amplifier is going to have more effect on the perceived sound than anything else.

CPU utilization on my system at 25% is only slightly higher than that needed to play a 128kb/s MP3. If storage space is not an issue this is the way to go for encoding you files until MP4 technology matures.

We now move on to the MP4 AAC codecs.

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